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Akutō Bita

Akutō Bita (悪刀・鐚) is the seventh blade Togame and Shichika obtained on their journey and one of the most difficult to obtain. It was wielded first by Yasuri Nanami then later the Shogun's retainer Uron.


Bita is modeled after a kunai. The blade is gold and shaped like a lightning bolt with an ornate handle.


Known as the evilest blade, Bita is a blade capable of generating electricity, but it is not used for combat. Rather, it is stabbed into the user's chest and electrifies them to forcefully remove any injuries or weaknesses from the body, making it's main focus rejuvenation. For example, when stabbed into Nanami it removed her body's physical limits allowing her to fight at full power.


Bita's name means poor, which conflicts with it's golden appearance. It's title Akutō, Evil Sword, refers to the side effect of stabbing the blade into the user's chest, creating an almost grotesque formation on the skin where it is stabbed.