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Bōfura Maniwa (真庭孑々, Maniwa Bōfura) is the sixth retainer of the Yanari Shogunate and a former member of the Maniwa Corps.


A confident Maniwani Ninja. However, his overzealous nature blinded him to the act that his Ninpō would actually hinder his battle strategy, a fact he didn't realize until it was pointed out to him.


His appearance is similar to that of a Maniwani Corps member. He has short, spiky, pale blonde hair and wears a beige outfit with dark brown and black decals. Two annatnae curl out o the top of the cap he wears, with his outfit giving him the overall appearance of a mosquito.


Volume Twelve[]

His ancestors defected from the Maniwa Ninja Corps 200 years ago. He uses a variant of Ashigaru that allows him to negate the weight of Kanazuchi thus enabling him to spin it around his finger freely. This also negates the strength of Kanazuchi, however, allowing Shichika Yasuri to block its swings with ease.


Swordsmanship Specialist: He wields Kanazuchi.