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Bitō Kanzashi

Bitō is the eighth Deviant Blade that Togame and Shichika collected. Before revealed as a blade, it was known as Biyorigō and was later used by the Shogun's retainer Ō Haiga.


Kanzashi is a clockwork machine that was designed to look like a young woman whom Shikizaki loved. Its face was white and wore red lipstick. It had black hair adorned with red balls and gold ornaments and wears a yellow kimono. It has four legs with each foot wearing long Geta, as well as four arms.


Kanzashi's focus is its sentience. It is powered by a solar battery and can function on its own perfectly as well as adapt to situations. When provoked, it can use the four blades hidden in its sleeves to fight with as well as a hidden blade in its mouth. It can also use its four legs as a propeller and fly, giving it an aerial advantage over its attackers.


Kanzashi's name means Hairpin. This could be a reference to the hairpins it wears or to hairpins in general as they are popular accessories for women. It's title Bitō, the Fragile Sword, refers to its appearance as a "fragile" woman, only to reveal itself as a weapon upon provocation.