Biyorigō (日和号) is the name given to the katana Bitō Kanzashi. It resides in an abandoned lake, attacking all that seem to threaten it. It is the eighth opponent Yasuri Shichika fights for the Deviant Blades.


Has none




Volume EightEdit

Throughout the battle Togame tries to study its behavior as it only roams about through the deserted lake area. Despite their traps its fast thinking kicks in and is unaffected. Later confrontation, Shichika Yasuri fights it, but proves to be a hassle as it blocks his attacks and surprises him with its unusual attack patterns. In one final attempt it uses its legs to propel itself into the air and attacks them from the sky. But Togame, foreseeing the lack of sunlight forces Biyorigō to shut down and is rescued by Shichika before crashing down onto the ground. The doll is later sent to Princess Hitei.

Volume TwelveEdit


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Weapons: It's frightfully fast, flexible, and armed with numerous blades, and it also has a blade hidden in its mouth.

  • Ultimate technique: Bifū Tōfū (微風刀風)
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