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Chōchō Maniwa (真庭 蝶々, Maniwa Chōchō) is a member of the Insect Squad.


He is a little hotheaded and quick to lose his patience especially when it comes to games, accusing others of cheating. Chōchō admires Kamakiri Maniwa as a great leader and considers both Kamakiri and Mitsubachi Maniwa as very good friends. He was a heavy smoker and gave up smoking for the sake of Oshidori Maniwa, who he is going to marry at some point, but he is killed before he could confess his love for her.

  • Nickname: Weightless Chōchō (無重の蝶々, Mujū no Chōchō)


As his name suggests, he wears a butterfly-like uniform. He is shown wearing the characteristic sleeveless ninja garb of the Maniwa, his being blue. He wears some sort of white scarf around his neck, and has bug-like wings on his back. His sash bears an emblem reminiscent of a butterfly. He has black gloves that cover his forearms and have two yellow dots. He wears black ribbon wrapped around his legs and white shoes that are black on the tips. He also wears what appears to be a butterfly-themed sun visor. Another detail, is that his eyes are somewhat like cucumber slices. They are green with four dots in the middle. His hair is also a brownish grey color.



Volume Four[]

He is the second person who fights Nanami Yasuri after Kamakiri, using his Ninpō both to gain the advantage and to experience the thrill of fighting that the respective founders of both his and Nanami's styles had experienced long ago, but is killed by her after she copied his Ninpō, used both his and Kamakiri's Ninpōs against him, pinned him to the ground, and broke his neck.


  • Ninpō: Ashigaru - This technique allows Chōchō to make his body weightless, thus increasing his speed and rendering him unhittable. He can also use it to skate on water even with the additional weight of both Kamakiri and Mitsubachi on his shoulders.  Nanami points out, however, that in reality he isn't really negating weight.


  • In the light novel he was originally called Tefutefu Maniwa; the kanji used for his name can be pronounced either way.