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This is a list of episodes for the Katanagatari anime series, an adaptation of the original Katanagatari light novel series by Nisio Isin.

The series initially used fourteen pieces of theme music: two opening themes and twelve closing themes. The first opening theme, used for episodes one through seven, is Meiya Kadenrō (冥夜花伝廊) by Minami Kuribayashi. The second opening theme, used for episodes eight through twelve, is Katana to Saya (刀と鞘) by ALI PROJECT

Each episode had its own individual closing theme, a few of which are sung by the voice actresses of the show.

  • Episode 1 is Tasogare no Gekka (誰そ彼の月華) by Yousei Teikoku.
  • Episode 2 is Refulgence by Shoujobyo.
  • Episode 3 is Senbon Sennyo no Hamari Uta (千本千女の刃毬唄) by Aki Hata.
  • Episode 4 is Kyomu no Hana (虚無の華) by kukui.
  • Episode 5 is Ai to Makoto (愛と誠) by Yukari Tamura, Togame's voice actress.
  • Episode 6 is Yuki no Onna (雪ノ女) by ALI PROJECT.
  • Episode 7 is Mayoigo Sagashi (迷い子さがし) by Mai Nakahara, Namami Yasuri's voice actress.
  • Episode 8 is Karakuri Nemuridan (からくり眠り談) by nomico.
  • Episode 9 is Akashi (証) by Annabel.
  • Episode 10 is Ina, to Hime wa Subete o Katarazu (否、と姫は全てを語らず) by Haruka Tomatsu, Hitei Hime's voice actress.
  • Episode 11 is Bōrei-tachi yo Yabō no Hate ni Nemure (亡霊達よ野望の果てに眠れ) by Faylan.
  • Episode 12 is Toki Sude ni Hajimari o Kizamu (時すでに始まりを刻む) by Minami Kuribayashi.

In the spring of 2013, Katanagatari received a re-broadcast from noitaminA with a pair of new themes. All 12 episodes had their opening and ending themes replaced with Hakushi Kassai Uta Awase (拍手喝采歌合) by supercell and Koto no Ha (言ノ葉) by Piko, respectively.

Episode List[]

# Title Original Airdate
01 Plane, the Absolute (絶刀・鉋, Zettō・Kanna) January 25, 2010
02 Blunt, the Decapitator (斬刀・鈍, Zantō Namakura) February 8, 2010
03 Blade, the Thousand (千刀・鎩, Sentō・Tsurugi) March 8, 2010
04 Needle, the Fine (薄刀・針, Hakutō・Hari) April 16, 2010
05 Aegis, the Resentment (賊刀・鎧, Zokutō・Yoroi) May 21, 2010
06 Hammer, the Dual-Edge (双刀・鎚, Sōtō・Kanazuchi) June 4, 2010
07 Destitute, the Vile (悪刀・鐚, Akutō・Bita) July 9, 2010
08 Sai, the Minute (微刀・釵, Bitō・Kanzashi) August 13, 2010
09 Saw, the Imperator (王刀・鋸, Ōtō Nokogiri) September 10, 2010
10 Scales, the Sincere (誠刀・銓, Seitō・Hakari) October 15, 2010
11 Gilt, the Venomous (毒刀・鍍, Dokutō Mekki) November 12, 2010
12 Gun, the Firearm (炎刀・銃, Entō Jū) December 10, 2010