Ginkaku Uneri (宇練 銀閣, Uneri Ginkaku) is a swordsman who lives in Gekoku Castle in the vast desert of the country of Inaba. He is the second opponent Yasuri Shichika fights for the Deviant Blades.


He's a depressing figure who wishes to see the land he resides in return to its former beauty when it had once flourished with life, an impossibility according to Togame.




Volume TwoEdit

He is the second opponent Shichika Yasuri fights for the Deviant Blades. He wields Namakura, the katana that had been handed down from his family, and is unwilling to surrender it to anyone. He has lived in the desert guarding the palace; as he says, "a warrior must live to protect something". He is killed by Shichika after the latter exploits the one weakness in the former's technique, the blind spot directly above his head.


Uneri Ginkaku-0

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: His fighting style is solely based on a sword-drawing technique called Zerosen, which can kill his opponent with a single slice; using Namakura enables him to do it perfectly. His sword-draw speed is so great that Shichika is never able to see the blade. Zerosen is a incredibly fast sword-drawing technique, normally only needing one draw to defeat an opponent, but Ginkaku can also use as many as 10 draws just as quickly. His preferred fighting ground is the very room he stays inside, located within the palace he lives in.

  • Ultimate Technique: Zantō Gari (斬刀狩り) - Ginkaku cuts part himself and allows the blood to soak the sword and sheathe, removing the friction between the two and allowing his attacks to reach the speed of light.
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