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Hōō Maniwa (真庭 鳳凰, Maniwa Hōō) is the acclaimed leader of the Maniwa Ninja Corps and the leader of its Bird Squad. After Kiki Shikizaki's soul possesses him, he is driven mad and becomes the eleventh opponent Yasuri Shichika fights for the Deviant Blades.


Hōō's personality is quite different from his fellow ninja heads, claiming he has a little more common sense than the others. However, he was also notorious for his cruelty as demonstrated when he killed Kawauso Maniwa without remorse.

  • Nickname: God Hōō (神の鳳凰, Kami no Hōō)


As his name suggests, Hōō wears a phoenix-like uniform.



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Volume Eleven[]

Hōō's battle with Emonzaemon.

Hōō finds Mekki inside of a cave and claims it. Shortly after claiming it they are caught by Emonzaemon Sōda who's out to kill him. He and Pengin Maniwa escape leaving Oshidori Maniwa to fight him. In the end Hōō was possessed by the spirit of Kiki Shikizaki, being Shichika's real opponent.


When possessed by Shikizaki.

Being the leader of the whole Maniwa Corps., Hōō was incredibly powerful, said to be on par with Emonzaemon in terms of skill. With Danzaien, he could also incapacitate mere bandits with ease.

  • Ninpō: Inochi Musubi (の結合生命) - An extremely powerful technique, Inochi Musubi allows Hōō to steal the life force of other people and use their vitality to lengthen his own lifespan. Through the use of this technique, Hōō was able to remain alive from the Sengoku period all the way to the present day.
  • Ninpō: Danzaien - A technique which allows Hōō to slice through flesh with a swing of his arm, as shown when he severs his own left arm to form an alliance with Togame, though he regained the use of said arm shortly afterwards from Kawauso's corpse. This ability was originally called "Namagoroshi" by the Aioi Clan.
  • Ultimate Technique: Mōdoku Tōyo (猛毒刀与) - A stance came up by a genius swordsman 150 years ago, it is said to be unavoidable. With this, Hōō can thrust his blade forward with incredible speed and power and even freely change the direction of the sword thrust as if he were flying. This technique requires Dokutō Mekki. However, this three-pronged technique was still no match for Shichika's Kyotōryū.


  • The name Hōō means "phoenix/phoenix bird" (鳳凰).