Hakutō Hari

Hakutō Hari

Hari is the fourth Deviant Blade that Togame and Shichika obtained on their journey. It was wielded by Hakuhei Sabi then later the Shogun's retainer and Sabi's rival Matsuaki Fugi.


Hari is one of the more beautiful blades with a thin blade made of clear glass. It's sheath and handle white and have a floral pattern.


Hari's main strength is it's light weight. This is caused by the blade itself being made of glass, making the sword easy to swing and control. The downside to this is that if not swung properly the fragile blade can easily break, ruining the weapon.


Hari's name coincides with the thin aspect of it's design. It's title Hakutō means Thin Sword, while Hari means Needle.

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