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Kamakiri Maniwa (真庭 蟷螂, Maniwa Kamakiri) is the leader of the Insect Squad.


He is a serious, highly experienced, and feared warrior. He acts not only as the leader, but also as an older brother and good friend for his Insect Squad comrades.

  • Nickname: Decapitate Kamakiri (首狩りの蟷螂, Kubikari no Kamakiri)


As his name suggests, he wears a praying mantis-like uniform.



Volume Four[]

He and the rest of the Insect Squad go to the island of the Yasuri family in order to kidnap Nanami Yasuri and find out what happened to Kōmori Maniwa. While stalking Nanami, Kamakiri confesses to himself that if she weren't a target/enemy, Mitsubachi Maniwa would probably fall for her. He is the first to attack Nanami in hopes of using her as a hostage/bargaining piece, but is quickly defeated. He is subsequently killed by Nanami shoving his own large nails, which she tore off his fingers, through his mouth after he refused to tell her any info about his fellow ninja.


  • Ninpō: Tsume Awase - This technique allows Kamakiri to lengthen and strengthen his nails into powerful claws.