Kanara Azekura (校倉 必, Azekura Kanara), formerly known as only Kanara (かなら, Kanara), is a rather tall pirate who rules a small port town in Satsuma. He is the fifth opponent Shichika Yasuri fights for the Deviant Blades.


Kanara is a boisterous, bold and confident man, who teases and mocks his opponents during battle. He fell in love with Togame at first sight, because she reminded him of his deceased sister, who would have been the same age as the Schemer, had she not been killed by pirates.


As Kanara is always wears Zokutō Yoroi, his appearance underneath the armor is unknown.


He had a younger sister that, when he was younger, was killed along with the other crewmen on the ship they were on by pirates, and was taken in by her killers as a slave. During his stay with them, he was ordered to clean Yoroi, which they had happened to possess at the time. Five years later, he was urged to try on the armor, and used it to turn on his sister's killers.


Volume FiveEdit

When Shichika and Togame arrived at Kyushu, Kanara saw that Togame resembled his younger sister and strikes a bargain with her: if he dueled Shichika and won, she would be his woman. During his fight against Shichika, the latter has difficulty finding a weak point in Yoroi as it blocks all his attacks. However, he is defeated after Shichika throws him up into the air, and he consequently crashes into the ground, which makes him the first survivor of Shichika's battles over one of the Twelve Blades. Out of spite for his defeat, he secretly has the ship Shichika and Togame board change its course.


Azekura Kanara-0

Swordsmanship Specialist: He wields Zokutō Yoroi, a suit of armor that he covers his appearance with most of the time and challenges fairly well known individuals with often.

  • Ultimate technique: Touzoku Kamome (刀賊鴎) - A technique passed down through the Yoroi Pirates, Kanara extends outwards the small blades covering Yoroi to better cut his opponent while trying to ram into them.
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