Katanagatari Wiki

The Katanagatari Wiki is primarily concerned with the recording and collation of canon information (by extension novel-based anime and anime-only information). Given the overall lack of knowledge about certain aspects of the Katanagatari universe, speculation is inevitable, but should only be recorded on the wiki's forums. Speculation may come from a few sources.

One source is conclusions derived from non-canon assumptions.

  • 1. Conclusions derived from Canon factoids which are in dispute. For example, irreconcilable conflicts in opinion between two possible interpretations from an image in the novels or anime would be cause for a disputed fact. (There has to be agreement that the fact in question is capable of be interpreted in another way, by showing proof of the other interpretation within the confines of the information that we already have).
  • 2. These conflicts should be recorded and given context in the out-of-universe sections of articles. If possible, in-universe sections should make general statements that give no preference to the disputed options.

Unknowns are the ultimate source of speculation. The number of things known about the Katanagatari Universe are vastly outnumbered by the things that are not known. For example, many characters and organizations have large "gaps" in their histories as they have yet to be elucidated upon by the creator.

  • 3. Articles should not note where the out-of-universe knowledge is lacking. This is to avoid judging which unknowns are more important, and to make a more coherent article-writing strategy.
  • 4. Crack theories (i.e. theories that are derived from baseless information that is not supported by the actual material). Crack theories have no reason to be issued anywhere on the site at all, including in the speculation section. This form of information is not speculation and has no place in discussing what is actually happening with in the storyline.
  • Fanfiction or fanon has no place on the site or anywhere in the speculation section. Fanon are inventions of fan fiction authors that for one reason or another appear to have taken the status of a canon within the Katanagatari fandom. In other words, it is often believed that these ideas were put forward by the creators themselves, which of course, is not the case. Basically, fanons are born when one fanfiction writer makes something up for their fanfiction, which then gets picked up by other fanfiction writers and low and behold, unsuspecting Katanagatari fans are convinced that little tidbit of information is canon because they have read it in numerous fanfictions.