Kawauso Maniwa (真庭 川獺, Maniwa Kawauso) is the leader of the Beast Squad.


  • Nickname: Read Kawauso (読み調べの川獺, Yomishirabe no Kawauso)


As his name suggests, he wears an otter-like uniform.



Volume SixEdit

He is willingly killed by Hōō Maniwa in order to maintain the alliance between the Maniwa Ninja Corps and Togame.


He is invaluable to the Maniwa Corps as he can ascertain the locations of the Deviant Blades.

  • Ninpō: Kiroku Tadori - This technique is a form of psychometry that allows Kawauso to read the past of almost any inanimate object. However, he admits that his reading skills don't allow him to read other people's memories due to his shyness.
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