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Kyōken Maniwa (真庭 狂犬, Maniwa Kyōken) is a member of the Beast Squad.


Kyōken despises Togame for the deaths of her fellow ninja and the mess they've caused within the Maniwa village. Hōō Maniwa reveals that the current Kyōken is actually the spirit of the first Kyōken Maniwa that had died long ago.

  • Nickname: Infest Kyōken (伝染の狂犬, Densen no Kyōken)


As her name suggests, Kyōken wears a wolf-like uniform.


Before the events of Katanagatari, Kyōken's past is further elaborated in the spin-off prequel novel, Maniwagatari.


Volume Six[]

Kyōken is initially defeated by Konayuki Itezora, but she later takes over Konayuki, reads her memories, and uses her body to fight Shichika Yasuri and Togame, stating that she has had over 2000 hosts in her lifetime, most of them being female ninja, and a vast amount of fighting experience. She is defeated by Shichika and loses control over Konayuki's body after he realizes that Kyōken's fighting experience is the reason he can now read the movements of Konayuki's body, in sharp contrast to Konayuki's amateur status.


  • Ninpō: Kyōken Hatsudou - This technique, secretive to the point that even the leader of the Beast Squad, Kawauso didn't know, allows Kyōken to take control and read the memories of any host. Hōō reveals that the new host must be female.


  • The name Kyōken means "mad dog" (狂犬).