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Mitsubachi Maniwa (真庭 蜜蜂, Maniwa Mitsubachi) is a member of the Insect Squad.


He is the most gentle, fair, and calm of its three members, preferring to avoid conflicts with his friends.

  • Nickname: Thorn Mitsubachi (棘々の蜜蜂, Togetoge no Mitsubachi)


He is shown wearing the characteristic sleeveless ninja garb of the Maniwa, his being black and yellow blue. He wears a yellow, fuzzy, scarf around his neck, and has the same type of things around his wrists, waist, and ankles. His sash bears an emblem reminiscent of a bee. He has black gloves that cover his forearms. He wears black pants that are baggy on the thighs, and tight on the calves. He has black shoes that are black all over but yellow in the front, and also wears what appears to be a bee-themed sun visor.

Besides being the tallest of the squad, he is also the youngest among them and is the only member among them that carries and uses man-made weapons.



Volume Four[]

After witnessing Nanami Yasuri kill Chōchō Maniwa, Mitsubachi is the third person who fights Nanami, attacking her from behind and at a distance using his Ninpō in order to weaken and subsequently capture her or finish her off. His own Ninpō is also used against him after he realized too late that her body can survive from non-lethal poison, and he allowed her to see, then copy his Ninpō. By using Ashigaru and Tsume Awase, she was able to dig out the caltrops and quickly attack him. He asks her to kill him with his own sword so that he wouldn't die in shame by the poison she found in Kamakiri Maniwa's molar and used in her counterattack, and bury his corpse alongside his fellow ninja, both of which she fulfills.


  • Ninpō: Makibishi Shidan - This technique allows him to launch small caltrops that are hook-tipped to make pulling them out impossible and poison-tipped to immobilize his enemy so that he can get in close and kill them with his katana.