Oshidori Maniwa (真庭 鴛鴦, Maniwa Oshidori) is a member of the Bird Squad. She is first mentioned as the object of Chōchō Maniwa's affections.


  • Nickname: Rewind Oshidori (巻戻しの鴛鴦, Makimodoshi no Oshidori)


As her name suggests, she wears a duck-like uniform.



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Volume NineEdit

She fights Emonzaemon Sōda while letting her leader Hōō Maniwa and Pengin Maniwa flee. Her Ninpō proves to be a hassle for him as he cannot sneak up on her. But she is later gunned down by Entō Jū, which was in Emonzaemon's possession at the time.


  • Ninpō: Eigouben - This technique allows her to swing her whips freely, and control them with freedom, to form either a defense mechanism, or offense.
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