Pengin Maniwa (真庭人鳥, Maniwa Pengin) is a member of the Fish Squad. He is the group's informant and its youngest head.


A shy and soft-spoken boy, he stutters when trying to bring something up. He isn't particularly battle orientated, telling Emonzaemon he 'didn't want this fight'. He also seems to hold Maniwa Houhou in incredibly high standings, worrying about his safety over his own.

  • Nickname: Propagate Pengin (増殖の人鳥, Zōshoku no Pengin)


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Pengin w/o his Penguin attire

As his name suggests, he wears a penguin-like uniform. He has pupil less, yellow and black eyes. Underneath his penguin hat, he has tan and white colorful hair with a black dot on the side.



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He's later killed by Emonzaemon Sōda in pursuit of Shichika Yasuri and Togame.


  • Ninpō: Fate Ruination - This increases the "luck" he has, to the extent of defying logical standards. In an enclosed space, such as a small room, he can use customized super balls to repeatedly ricochet off walls with increasing momentum and buffet an opponent. His incredible luck allows him to dodge projectiles, his own weapons and even bullets, under normal conditions. However, he was unable to dodge ricocheting bullets fired by Emonzaemon.
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