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Princess Hitei (否定姫, Hitei Hime) is a princess residing in Owari who has recently come back into power.


She has a shinobi, Emonzaemon Sōda under her control whom she looks down on and demoralizes even though he appears unfazed by it. Though she actively plots against Togame, it is revealed that she does not actually dislike Togame, but just finds her unpleasant. At the epilogue, she is seen carrying the mask that she gave Emonzaemon.


She's a beautiful, curvaceous lady, with very long blonde hair that has salmon pink and sea green streaks and sea green eyes with small yellow rings around her pupils. She always carries a fan and adorns herself with pink roses. She wears a black and pink-trimmed kimono with long, hanging sleeves and a pale pink corset that has pink roses on the side. She also wears a sea green obiage and a black ringed choker around her neck.

As revealed in the final episode, she now has chin-length bobbed hair and wears a sleeveless variant of her black and pink-trimmed kimono.


It has been hinted that she may secretly be a descendant of Kiki Shikizaki.


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Hitei after the final battle

At the conclusion of the series, she has cut her hair short, and taken it upon herself to follow Shichika Yasuri and support him financially as he travels around Japan.