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Rinne Higaki (彼我木 輪廻, Higaki Rinne) is a saint. He is the tenth opponent Yasuri Shichika fights for the Deviant Blades.


He rather enjoys tormenting his company as they learn a little bit more about themselves through illusions until they eventually get Hakari.


A saint resembling a girl with long greenish, black hair who wears a long scarf-like cloth as clothing. In reality he gains the appearance and personality of those who see him and resembles those which they don't wish to remember. His appearance comes from Shichika Yasuri and is a collaboration of those who he regrets losing to and his personality comes from Togame's memories.


Rinne has lived for more than 300 years and was a friend of Kiki Shikizaki as he received Hakari through him. But fearing that the blade's poisonous nature will affect him, he buried it.


Volume Ten[]


Higaki Rinne-0.png

  • Ultimate technique: Seitō Bōei (誠刀防衛) - As explained by Rinne, he "puts all of his strength into defensive power", creating a form of ultimate defense. To do this, he simply continues to evade any attack made against him, with no real intention of counter-attacking.