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Rinne Higaki (彼我木 輪廻, Higaki Rinne) is a saint who guards Hakari. He is the tenth opponent Yasuri Shichika fights for the Deviant Blades.


Rinne Higaki is an arrogant and annoying individual, who is always calm and happy. He likes to torment others, making them confront undesirable memories and truths about themselves.

However this is not done entirely out of malice, he seems to do this in order to make others learn a little bit more about themselves and grow as individuals.

His personality comes from Togame's memories (her father to be more specific).


A saint resembling a girl with long greenish, black hair who wears a long scarf-like cloth as clothing.

In reality he gains the appearance and personality of those who see him and resembles those which they don't wish to remember. His appearance comes from Shichika Yasuri and is a collaboration of those who he regrets losing to and those who he regrets killing.


Rinne has lived for more than 300 years and was a friend of Kiki Shikizaki as he received Hakari through him. But fearing that the blade's poisonous nature will affect him, he buried it.


Volume Ten[]


Unique Abilities[]

Divine Powers: Due to being a Holy man, Rinne Higaki has access to a variety of divine powers.

  • Shapeshifting: Rinne does not have a permanent form, his appearance and personality changes depending on who is viewing him. He resembles those which people don't wish to remember.
  • Illusion Casting: Rinne is capable of creating illusions. He can make himself invisible and even create an entire forest. He usually creates illusions that make people remember undesirable memories, forcing them to confront their traumas and deep secrets.
  • Immortality: Rinne has lived for more than 300 years (350, counting the years that he was human). Since he does not have a permanent form, Rinne has a perfectly healthy body despite being very old.

Physical Prowess[]

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: He is very agile, being capable of easily dodging all of Shichika's attacks. Which is impressive, considering that he can dodge bullets and create afterimages.

Higaki Rinne-0.png

Fighting Style[]

Psychological Warfare: With his ability to resemble those which people don't wish to remember and his ability to create illusions, Rinne can force people to confront undesirable memories and traumas. Rinne also knows how to use words in order to provoque and annoy others.

Ultimate technique: Seitō Bōei (誠刀防衛, True Defense) - As explained by Rinne, he "puts all of his strength into defensive power", creating a form of ultimate defense. To do this, he simply puts all of his energy and effort into evading any attack made against him, with no real intention of counter-attacking, unlike most fighters who divide their energy into offense and defense.


Seitō Hakari: One of the twelve Deviant Blades. Since the blade is actually just a hilt, it cannot cut anyone but its user. It has the ability to weigh the user's heart and make them learn more about themselves. Since Rinne has already reached enlightenment, it can be doubted if the blade has any use for him. Afraid that the blade's "poison" would affect him, he eventually buried it.


Lack of offensive power: Due to his nature as a saint, Rinne has took a vow to not hurt or kill others. His fighting style revolves around dodging his enemies attacks, without the intention of counter-attacking. While at first glance this looks like a huge weakness, Rinne has managed to achieve a form of ultimate defense by putting all of his strength into defensive power, making him impossible to hit at the cost of his ability to attack.