Sōtō Kanazuchi

Sōtō Kanazuchi

Sōtō Kanazuchi is the sixth Deviant Blade found by Togame and Shichika during their trek around Japan. It was wielded by Konayuki Itezora and later the Shogun's retainer Bōfura Maniwa.


Kanazuchi is a sword made of stone with a blunt edge. It is dark grey and black in coloration and the "blade" is jagged, giving it the appearance similar to an arrowhead or a tooth. The handle is shaped similar to an hourglass with the middle being empty and has three juts coming out at the bottom.


In opposite form of it's sibling blade Hari, Kanazuchi main's power comes from being extremely heavy. Though it is blunt, the blade makes up for this by being able to crush the enemy under it. It is also unique as it can be held at the tip of the blade, turning it into a hammer.


Kanazuchi's title as Sōtō, the Twin Sword, refers to its ability to held at both ends and used as a weapon. Its name Kanazuchi, hammer, refers to the fact it can be used as a hammer as a well as a sword.

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