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Seitō Hakari

Seitō Hakari (誠刀・銓) is the tenth Deviant Blade found by Togame and Shichika. It was personally given to Rinne Higaki by Kiki Shikizaki and is later wielded by the Shogun's tenth retainer, Kosha Saraba.


Seitō Hakari is just a hilt, not a sword. It has a wreath of flowers for a guard.


As Seitō Hakari has no blade, it cannot cut anyone but its user. While Nokogiri makes it difficult for one to harm the opponent by being a training sword that calms its wielder, Hakari has no offensive use. Shichika's fight with Rinne Higaki has proven to be one of the most difficult for him as Rinne does not attack at all and effectively wields no weapon, not to mention the psychological warfare. The Shogun's retainer also remarked on it being useless, and at Shichika's suggestion tried throwing the sheath at him, which he knocked back, knocking her out. This is the only retainer who survived her encounter with Shichika.


Hakari's name means Scales. This could be a reference to purpose of weighting and judging its user's heart. Its title means True. It is the most trustworthy blade, arguing from a zen standpoint.