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So, I am Whistle9. No, there is no particular meaning behind the name; I just had the phrase "whistle time" in my head when I made it. I am the primary administrator of the Katanagatari Wiki. I got my start over at the Medaka Box Wiki (another of Nisio Isin's works), where I am also the primary administrator. I am also the current primary administrator of the Zaregoto Series Wiki (Nisio Isin again), and the secondary administrator of the Bakemonogatari Wiki (Nisio Isin a third time). While browsing the other wikis on the works of Nisio Isin, I found the Katanagatari Wiki to be in a bad way. I made a few small edits with the hope of cleaning it up a bit, and then I decided to adopt the wiki. This is becoming a bad habit of mine; this is the third wiki I have adopted (and not a single one founded). Well, now I'm in charge, so I'll have a try at improving the place, and see how that works out.

And ... that's all I can think to say for the time being. What else is there? I am afraid I am an exceptionally boring person. To anyone who actually finds my obscure little account, I apologize for not having a witty and intelligent bio prepared for you. But honestly, if you went to all the trouble of finding me, you must have some free time on your hands. So why not stick around, and make a few edits?

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Exactly what it says on the tin. Where I've been mentioned without having to mention myself.

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